Welcome to my site, I'm A.M. Furcht, an aspiring author. On this site I hope to connect to people who enjoy my work and provide a link to that work. I write Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Thrillers, and am currently finishing a few drafts and beginning to edit my earlier work.

The reason I started this site is to connect to future readers (as I don't have and hope never to have social media profiles) and let people know I'm here and where my work can be found. Thank you for visiting me here, and I hope to see you again, have a nice day!


When a mysterious young woman turns up in the ouskirts of the small town Keep's Hill Massachusetts with no memory of who she is, it's up to Det. Amy Lynne and Nick Worth to uncover her memories and identify a killer that has plagued the town. Sample

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Jenny Hartford refuses to accept the Coast Guard's ruling that her brother's ship has been 'lost at sea'. If they don't search for Jack, then Jenny will. Storms aren't the only dangers on the sea, and the Bermuda Triangle hides her secrets well. Cursed pirates. Dark waters. Ghost ships, there's no telling who will make it home from these deadly waters. Sample

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Contact me: amfurchtwriting@gmail.com